My name is Nicholas Fritchman. I am currently an Advertising and Cinema Studies major at the University of Oregon where I am a videographer for Allen Hall Advertising, a student-run advertising agency. I aspire to be a freelance videographer where I can travel the world. One day I would love to start my own production house. On a more personal level, I love the emotional component of creativity. I want to make people feel and allow them to look at the world in new ways. So far, I have worked with musician Danny Yarborough for his band Danny Fingers and the Thumbs, and I have made several promotional videos for Bellatazza Cafe in Bend, Oregon.  My portfolio may not be beefy yet, and my ambition may outweigh my skill, but that's better than the other way around.
Since so many of my projects and ideas revolve around music, here are some of my favorites
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